World Cancer Research Fund’s response to parents’ blindness to children’s obesity

31 March 2015

In response to UCL research that shows parents unable to recognise if their child is overweight and a third underestimate their child’s BMI, World Cancer Research Fund is keen to highlight the importance of encouraging healthy habits in children.

Amanda McLean, Director of World Cancer Research Fund, said: "By encouraging children to eat healthily, maintain a healthy weight, and be regularly physically active, parents can help children develop healthy habits and protect against health problems later in life.

"We know that obesity is linked to a range of health risks later in life – including increased cancer risk – so it’s vital that parents are aware of their child’s Body Mass Index (BMI), and can spot if their youngster is starting to become overweight.

"But we also need to acknowledge that more can, and should, be done to encourage healthy eating and greater physical activity in our society. We need targeted policies that help people lead healthy lives – from clearer nutritional labelling to a focus on health education in schools.

"By encouraging good habits, we can help future generations lead happy, healthy, lives."

World Cancer Research Fund’s Great Grub Club has plenty of advice and tools for parents to help their children get healthy in fun, easy ways.

For more information, contact Anna Edwards on 020 7343 4235