Pancreatic cancer funded research findings

Below is a short summary of the results of our pancreatic cancer research from recent years.

For more details on these and all World Cancer Research Fund network funded research, please visit WCRF International’s website.

In addition to the following research and as part of the Continuous Update Project - our ongoing programme to analyse global research on how diet, nutrition, physical activity and weight affect cancer risk and survival – we have analysed worldwide research to produce our recent CUP report on pancreatic cancer.

A study to measure folate biomarkers in cases of pancreatic cancer by Professor Paolo Vineis, of Imperial College London. Findings from the study may suggest that people with below or above average levels of folate were more at risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

Research looking at the role of blood glucose and chronic inflammation in the development of pancreatic cancer by Professor Rudolf Kaaks, of German Cancer Research Centre. This study confirmed that people with above average blood glucose levels were more at risk of developing pancreatic cancer, but did not find a link between higher inflammation and pancreatic cancer.