Types of cancer

Breast, prostate and lung cancer account for more than half of the UK’s new cancer cases each year, but cancer is a disease that can develop in many parts of the body.  

The risk of developing a particular cancer depends on a number of factors and varies from person to person. 

Bladder cancer

Not smoking, and eating vegetables and fruit, may reduce your risk

Bowel cancer

Bowel, or colorectal, cancer is one of the most preventable types

Breast cancer

One in eight women will develop breast cancer at some stage in their lifetime

Gallbladder cancer

One in six cases could be prevented if we were all a healthy weight

Kidney cancer

Smoking and excess body fat increase your risk of developing this cancer

Liver cancer

Drinking alcohol, and being overweight or obese, increase the risk

Lung cancer

Not smoking is the best way to cut your risk but healthy eating is important too

Mouth and throat cancer

Not smoking, and eating a healthy diet, can reduce your risk of this cancer

Nasopharyngeal cancer

Nasopharyngeal cancer is rare but there are ways to reduce your risk

Oesophageal cancer

Cancer of the oesophagus is becoming more common but you can reduce your risk

Ovarian cancer

Find the most up-to-date advice on ovarian cancer and how to reduce your risk 

Pancreatic cancer

About 1 in 6 cases could be prevented if we were all a healthy weight

Prostate cancer

More than 100 cases of this cancer are diagnosed in men in the UK every day

Stomach cancer

Eating well can help to cut your risk of developing cancer of the stomach

Womb cancer

Being active can reduce your risk of womb, or endometrial, cancer